Shitpublishing Marathon

8 hours 16 users 64 books

8 June 11:00 to 19:00 h – M|A|C Prison

Free entry with prior reservation

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Shitposting in the forum is a thing of the past, the fashion now is accelerated shitpublishing. Join the hyperpublishing marathon! 8 hours of work in which 16 participants will create, layout and publish 64 books online.

Are you still writing like in the 19th century? Do you still read your works before publishing them? Are you still trying to do something new? Abandon what you know about books and let yourself be absorbed in the accelerated pleasure of copying, pirating and hyperpublishing. Automate writing, copy-paste simple novels, edit a photobook of random images, create your own version of sacred scriptures by substituting words… Publish fast, publish everything. These books don’t want to be read, they just want to circulate on the internet.

In this marathon Ezequiel Soriano proposes to create by prioritising quantity over quality, copying over originality, playfulness over innovation, speed over coherence. It proposes to distort the dynamics of creative work, to emulate capitalist hyperactivity with an absurd objective: to create and publish 64 books in 8 hours.

Activity by Ezequiel Soriano, anthropologist and artist who explores themes related to the internet, folklore and appropriation through ethnography, artistic experimentation and post-digital editing. He directs the Artefactos Nativos laboratory, a publishing project with the aim of printing the internet. He has carried out research and experimentation projects in digital folklore at the Centre d’Arts Santa Mònica, the Sala d’Art Jove, the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) and L’Escocesa; and has developed workshops and non-creative marathons in spaces such as Can Felipa, Fabra i Coats, alRaso (UGR) or ArtLibris.


Exhibition The transparent factory

From 30/05 to 23/06 2024 – M|A|C Prison

This exhibition displays a series of landscapes that question the relationship between video games and work, as well as the value of time and imagination. Although we are used to thinking of video games as a leisure activity or a moment of escape, they are increasingly becoming more and more like a complement to the working day insofar as we create content or generate data that other companies will transform into commercial profiles, behavioural patterns or training for artificial intelligence tools.

At the same time, work is progressively adopting components of games reconverted into control tools. Short games, simple rules, repetitive routines and a meticulously calibrated balance between gratification and frustration are the ingredients of a new digital ergonomics that is conquering screens and blurring the boundaries between leisure time and work time, between unproductivity and hyperproductivity. In the transparent factory, it becomes increasingly difficult to distinguish when we are inside and when we are outside.

With Marta AzparrenRaquel Friera and Roc Parés, curated by Marc Villanueva Mir.