Premis Panòptic 2023 amb concert de

13th May 21:30h — M|A|C Presó

Free entrance

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Closing party of the Panòptic 2023 Festival with the special performance of the electro-pop -energy band and the Panòptic Awards ceremony of the Official Short Film Section 2023 in the categories Jury Award and Audience Award (the jury of the Panòptic 2023 is formed by Alaaddine Azzouzi, Elodie Mellado, Eloi Aymerich & Elena Ponce and Xavi Sánchez).

ABOUT THE GROUP is an energetic shake made with everything in the pantry. With melodies that drink from the most tacky electro-pop of the 80’s, they make us dance martially to the rhythm of a choreography that asks for discipline and disinhibition in equal parts. His music is the musical thread that sounds during the spinning class of that gym where you signed up as a new year’s resolution but you have never set foot in. A sound that recalls, with a certain nostalgia, a past where the most important thing was to take a nap before a night of partying during the week.

A group formed by Estel Boada (aka Kaguda Yura) on vocals, Daniel Moreno (aka Llança Sosun) on electronic bases, Albert Sánchez (aka El de Cornellà) on visuals and Alex Urán (aka Nakarat Tarakan) as a dancer. has performed in stages and festivals such as MEMEFEST (CCCB, Barcelona), BAM (Fabra y Coats, Barcelona), CRACK (Rome, Italy), BalconyTV (MNAC, Barcelona), Sala Apolo (Barcelona), Razzmatazz (Barcelona) or Jazzcava (Vic). He has also released the singles ‘Kamins’ (2022), ‘Croissant’ (2020), ‘Amunt, amunt, amunt!’ (2019) and ‘Makinetis Love’ (2019) with the label Santa Tecla Recuerdos.

Free entry