Opening of the exhibition The Transparent Factory

30th May at 20:00 h – M|A|C Prison

Free entry, including one drink

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Opening of the exhibition The Transparent Factory with the presence of the participating artists Marta Azparren, Raquel Friera and Roc Parés, and the exhibition curator Marc Villanueva Mir.

Free entry


Exhibition The transparent factory

From 30/05 to 23/06 2024 – M|A|C Prison

This exhibition displays a series of landscapes that question the relationship between video games and work, as well as the value of time and imagination. Although we are used to thinking of video games as a leisure activity or a moment of escape, they are increasingly becoming more and more like a complement to the working day insofar as we create content or generate data that other companies will transform into commercial profiles, behavioural patterns or training for artificial intelligence tools.

At the same time, work is progressively adopting components of games reconverted into control tools. Short games, simple rules, repetitive routines and a meticulously calibrated balance between gratification and frustration are the ingredients of a new digital ergonomics that is conquering screens and blurring the boundaries between leisure time and work time, between unproductivity and hyperproductivity. In the transparent factory, it becomes increasingly difficult to distinguish when we are inside and when we are outside.

With Marta AzparrenRaquel Friera and Roc Parés, curated by Marc Villanueva Mir.