AI: artificial intrusism?

12th May 19:30h — M|A|C Presó

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We talk about Artificial Intelligence and its ethical implications in creative processes and image politics. With Toni Navarro and Marc Padró & Marcel Pié from Taller Estampa. Hosted by Mila Rodríguez Medina.


Toni Navarro is a philosopher specializing in feminist theories of technology. His current research focuses on the economic, political and environmental impacts of geoengineering and AI. He is part of the Sociotechnical Conceptualization Vector promoted by the Technopolitics unit of the Interdisciplinary Internet Institute (IN3/UOC) and is a professor at EINA, University Center of Design and Art (UAB).

Estampa is a collective of programmers, filmmakers and researchers working in the fields of audiovisual and digital environments. Their practice is based on a critical and archaeological approach to audiovisual and digital technologies, which allows to understand their functioning, uses and construction as a discursive object. In recent years they have developed different projects around the uses and ideologies of artificial intelligence, and its influence on contemporary visual culture.

Mila Rodríguez Medina is a cultural communicator trained in journalism. She specializes in contemporary artistic creation and its languages, with special attention to live arts and sound creation. In addition to her work as a cultural advisor and communicator, she collaborates with artistic projects as an advisor in critical thinking and creativity, as well as with activities that rethink the usual relationship with the public and its dynamics.

Free entry