An apéritif with… Al pati del darrere

13th May 12h — M|A|C Presó

Free entrance

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Guided tour of the exhibition with the curator Azahara Cerezo and some of the participating artists. The visit will end with a vermouth in the prison courtyard.



Exhibition Al pati del darrere

with Paula Artés, Jose Iglesias Gª-Arenal and Taller Estampa, curated by Azahara Cerezo

The exhibition Al pati del darrere wants to approach some of the tangible effects of the use and development of digital technologies. Behind emails, work video calls, chatgpt conversations or social networks there are extractive, logistical and technical tentacles that extend far beyond the devices and gadgets we use every day. Being in the backyard means walking through sacrifice zones, seeing expropriated land, touching the electronics industry, pointing out the power relations in the framework of the so-called energy transition or questioning the contradictions generated in the uses of artificial intelligence.

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